Heavy Duty Floor-mounted X-Ray Systems

Aspen OTC H.D.

Introducing Aspen OTC H.D. (Heavy Duty)

Built for Extreme Rigidity & Rapid Alignment

The AspenOTC H.D. facilitates a wide range of X-ray procedures with its fully counterbalanced ceiling system that can be easily positioned at any selected point within their total range of travel.
Aspen Imaging Healthcare’s Heavy-Duty line of digital floor mounted x-ray systems are designed to be your imaging workhorse, manufactured to last decades.
5 Year Warranty &
Made in USA
  • Made in the US from precision machined components (93% domestic content)
Extreme Rigidity
  • Manufactured with aircraft aluminum and strong steel construction
  • All motion components are made from ball bearing and oilite®
Protected Surfaces
  • Durable powder coated surfaces
  • All mechanical components are electroplated for superior corrosion protection
Meet OTC Heavy Duty's

Key Components

Overhead Tube Crane

Featuring single-handle controls, AspenOTC H.D. promotes fast and out-of-the-way positioning. The ergonomic operator control panels provide convenient selections to allow tube movement in longitudinal transversal, vertical rotation, and table/wall Bucky centering.

  • Five-million cycle-life MilSpec interface switches
  • 360-degrees rotation of X-Ray tube on vertical and horizontal axis
  • LCD displays indicating SID to tabletop/wall Bucky in inches or centimeters (configurable) and angulation of X-ray tube in degrees
  • “Intelligent Firmware” allows for fast and easy access to calibration and configuration
  • Adaptable to ceiling heights between 96”-132” (lower ceiling height installations are available)
Specifications Values
Standard Longitudinal Length 14’ (Optional: 12’, 16’, 18’)
Transverse Bridge Length 120”
Vertical Travel 60”
Electrical Requirements 115/220 VAC, 50/60HZ, 5 Amps
Total Weight of Standard Unit 400 Ibs


This elevating 6-way table is designed as a stand-alone system, consisting of plug-in cables and a single board interface compatible with all standard X-ray equipment.

The table height is adjustabl to accommodate ambulatory, wheelchair, or gurney patients, accomplishing easier transfer for both patient and operator. The vertical movement is motorized and controlled by applying pressure to the foot pedals, which can be depressed.

  • Height-adjustable Table
  • Tested 60,000 up/down with a 650lb load
  • Bariatric package gives Bariatric magnet booster for extra-strong table-top retention when loading patients
  • Slide out pc board for easy service and installation
Specifications Values
Maximum Patient Weight 600 lbs / 765 lb (XL option)
Tabletop Dimensions 84” X 30.25”
Tabletop Height 23” to 34”
Side Clearance 17"
Cassette Holder Travel 20”
Table Pedestal Length 50.75”
Table Pedestal Width 28.37”
Electrical Requirements 115 VAC, 50/60 HZ, 10 Amps

Wall Stand

Aspen Imaging wall stands are fully counterbalanced units and use electronic positive locks for patients and technician safety in the event of power failure. Featuring seamless columns for extreme rigidity, these columns contain hardened, serviceable, bearing braces for enduring life.

  • Counterweights are secured by twin, multistranded stainless steel cables
  • Finished with durable powder coated surfaces and bright nickel hardware, to give long-lasting, professional appearance – true hospital-grade quality
Specifications Values
Detector Size 17x17 or 14x17
Electrical Requirements 24 VDC, 50/60 HZ, 1.5 A

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