T4 OTCCeiling X-Ray System

Introducing T4 Ceiling System

A Work of Engineering Art

The T4 is our ceiling system that elegantly combines a sophisticated, feature-rich rad room with an intuitive & instinctive operation for your technologists
We’ve meticulously thought through every detail of our T4 to ensure that the system is a pleasure to work with for years to come.
Hospital-Grade Quality

Automatic Stitching Mode for full spine and long bone studies

Auto-tracking to table and wall stand to save time and improve patient throughput

Durable Powder coated finish that can be properly cleaned with medical cleaning products

Each system is Pre-staged at our ISO 13485 medical facility in Plano, TX

Ergonomically Designed

Ergonomic handles and buttons provide smooth handling with minimal effort

7” LCD display that toggles between landscape and portrait mode as you swivel the tube head

Table design is optimized for wheelchair accessibility

Portable foot switch allows the operator to move to the most comfortable position for them

Flexible System

No matter the ceiling height, we can provide a head to toe imaging solution

System can be paired with any flat panel combinations:
o Single Wireless panel
o Dual wireless panels
o Single Wireless and Single Fixed panel

40-80 kW high frequency x-ray generator options

Wide range of system options and configurations are available to meet the needs of your site

Meet T4 OTC

Key Features

A.I Tube Crane

Sturdy 5-Tier telescoping column that allows for for head to toe examination possibilities

Ergonomic Handle

Ergonomic handles with "all lock release button" for soft handling

Advanced Manual Collimator

Manual collimator with LED light (adjustable brightness) and a bright, red-laser crosshair

Motorized Wall Stand

Motorized wall stand uses electromagnetic braking for smooth movement

Optional Handles

Wall stand is accompanied by optional overhead handle and patient side handle

Medical Grade Tabletop

Medical grade white tabletop with optional transparent tabletop (in picture) that allows the operator to see detector' alignment with the tube

Pillar-style elevating table

Pillar-style elevating table on both sides

Tube Crane Display

Position your system toward the table or wall stand & have the correct receptor highlighted.

Ergonomic operator handles with an “all lock release” button that allows the operator to smoothly glide the tube crane with minimal physical effort

Integrated with live feedback of SID and degrees

Stylish, Yet Rugged Elevating Table

Ultra high-end elevating table using actuators (not motors) for a smooth & silent operation

Standard tabletop provides a white surface to match the rest of the system -- optional transparent tabletop provides a modern design, while allowing the operator to be able to ensure that the detector is always aligned to the tube Wired foot switch that can be moved to different areas, depending on the preference of the operator

Aspen T4: Benefits You Can Measure

Safe, fast and quiet motorized auto-tracking to the table and wall stand to complete your exams more efficiently and reduce repetitive workflows

Manually position the system, or use its integrated auto-tracking feature to align the table or wall stand with your tube crane

Low ceiling height? Let us know and we’ll customize our tube crane to accommodate your needs!

Integration with Vieworks Detectors & Software

Powerful image processing engine with simple user interface

Anytime™: Vieworks' proprietary AED (Automatic Exposure Detection) technology

Track post-exam statistics with dose and exam management tools

Rugged: 100 cm drop tested flat panel detectors

Achieve better clinical outcomes and happier clients with T4 OTC


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