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Introducing APX-24

Compact yet powerful X-Ray unit

Aspen imaging is introducing APX-24, our most advanced and transportable X-ray unit. APX-24 is compact, lightweight, reliable and easy to use, which makes it ideal for human and veterinary use.
Create your own D.R. package with one of our Flat Panel Detectors and create high quality images anywhere, anytime. No matter what the requirements are, APX-24 can customize your digital radiography system.
Low Cost X-Rays
  • Cost-saving solution with quality results and high ROI
High Image Quality
  • APX-24 can produce high resolution X-ray images with flat panel detectors
Easy to Use
  • APX-24 is designed with intuitiveness in mind to facilitate user experience
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Specification APX-24 Reference
Max output power 2.4KW
Input power 100~120 / 200~240VAC
Inverter frequency 102KHz
40 KHz
KV range 40KV~100KV (1KV STEP)
mAs range 0.32mAs~100mAs
X-ray tube TOSHIBA
Model #
Focal spot 1.2mm
Target Angle 16°
Anode heat storage capacity 35KJ
Maximum anode cooling rate 250W
Laser point 650nm
less than 1mV
Peak wavelength
Optical power
Lamp (LED) More than 100 lux
Filtration total Al. Equiv. 2mm
Weight 27.99 lb
46.51 lb
Packaging dimension 25.59 x 15.74 x 13.77 inches
Warranty 2 years

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