EuropaThe Most Portable X-Ray Device

Introducing Europa
(Previously named AiR Touch)

The power of X-Ray room
in the size of a camera

We’ve designed a system that allows an operator to take x-ray images without the dedicated physical space or electrical power required for a conventional x-ray machine. More impressively, Europa can acquire images & wirelessly transmit to PACS via the on-board workstation
Completely Wireless
  • Acquire images to your on-board workstation
  • Send images via Wi-Fi to any PACs or storage
  • Receive remote tech support via TeamViewer
Superior Battery Performance
  • Long-lasting standby battery life
  • Up to 100 exposures on a full charge
  • Empty to full charge battery within 2 hours
Easy Medical Imaging
  • No construction or installation needed
  • No additional electrical power source needed
  • Doesn’t require a dedicated, physical space
Meet Europa

Key Features

2 USB Ports

Used for powering peripheral devices and the laser component

Hand Strap

Hand Strap for ease of use, supporting Europa's 5.5 lb light weight

7" Touch Screen Display

High-Definition 7" touch screen display

Ethernet Port

Used for connecting exposure hand switch

Charging Port

Simple battery charging – plugs directly into a residential 120V outlet

All-In-One PC Workstation
• Integrated INTEL PC with Windows 10 OS, preloaded with DR Software
Extreme Light Weight
• 5.5 lbs for ultimate portability and convenience
Remote Support
• Pre-Loaded Remote Assistance Software (TeamViewer)
Ultra Low Dose Imaging

Dose Comparison (mSv)

Occupational dose limit requiring dosimetry (5mSv)
Average natural background – US (3.65mSv)
Average occupational radiation exposure to flight crew (2.19mSv)
General public dose limit (1.0mSv)
Conventional dental x-ray range (0.16 - 0.37mSv)
Europa's average range (0.04mSv, measured with digital sensor)
*Application: Dental Imaging; Dental sensor provided separately*

Optimized with Vieworks Detectors

Vieworks Panel & Europa are optimized to produce the best images using our ultra low dose imaging technique.

Vieworks cesium panels are sized in 10x12, 14x17, and 17x17.

For a list of other compatible software and flat panels, please consult your sales representative.

Zooming In

View 360°

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What's Inside the Box

  • Europa with Windows 10 & Accessories
    • Laptop or tablet (surface) is required; embedded pc on Europa is auxiliary
    • Send images directly from Aspen Europa to PACS, Email, Printer, etc. using built in WI-FI and Bluetooth capability
    • Wireless mouse included for ease of using the on-board PC
    • Touch screen operation with 2 USB ports
    • TeamViewer pre-loaded for remote diagnostics
    • All charging accessories for the system
  • Carrying Case
    • Hard-shell, lightweight case with handle for ease of transport
    • Foam inserts for all possible product configurations
    • Lock with customizable numeric passcode
  • X-ray Tube & X-ray Generator enclosed
    • High frequency, 100 kHz Monoblock x-ray generator integrated into system
    • Model: Toshiba D 081B
    • 0.8mm focal spot
  • Laser Light
    • Laser light for precise alignment
    • Provides bright red dot on the center of the anatomy
    • Plugs directly into USB port of Europa
  • Hand Switch
    • 2 Position Hand Switch with coiled cable
    • Connects directly to Europa

Add-Ons & Specs

Achieve better clinical outcomes and happier clients with Europa


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