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Introducing DRTECH Flat Panel Detectors

Smart Detector for Ultimate Portability and Performance

Exprimer delivers the best-in-class image quality in multitude of environments for various applications in its a Cassette-sized form factor.
Experience Exprimer's superior performance that will boost productivity and provide diagnostic confidence with its latest digital detector technology.
Unibody Design
  • Unibody design allows for maximum durability and minimum damages on drop
  • Weighing in at just 2.98 kg, Exprimer delivers maximum mobility for the user
  • Waterproofing is built in to protect from moisture damage for EVS 3643 & 2430W
Meet Exprimer

Key Features

Crisp Images
Generated by advanced image sharpening technology
Light & Slim Design
Thinner, lighter panels to simplify wireless panel handling
2 Seconds Image Acquisition Time
Speedy 2 seconds for wired panels & 4-6 seconds for wireless
High MTF & DQE
Panels engineered to provide the clearest images at minimal dose
DRTECH's proprietary image sharpening technology
Lossless AED
Fast image acquisition and battery efficiency technology
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Proprietary Features

Fast Image Display

Fast image preview and display time of Exprimer products allow for more effective and efficient operation leading to increased productivity. Image preview in both wired and wireless modes are achieved less than 2 seconds and a full image is acquired in 4.5 and 6 seconds respectively.

Battery Performance Comparison
8 hours
Conventional Technology
3.6 hours
Lossless AED: more accurate and stable AED function is possible with EVS detector. Lossless AED innovatively improves the reliability of sensors, acquires image faster and reduces patients’ dose through operating scheme optimization.
ECONSOLE1: X-Ray image acquisition software that is intuitive yet powerful
TRUVIEW ART: Image sharpening algorithm with advanced reconstruction technology
WIZARD: 9 Image styles processed using different parameters on a 3×3 matrix display

EVS 4343

  • 17×17” wired Flat panel detector for General Radiography
  • Robust and safety design against shock and drop
  • High definition images by direct deposition Csl
  • Fast Image acquisition time less than 2 seconds
  • Highly reliable and stable GenRad

EVS 3643W

  • Unibody design for increased stability
  • Ultimate portability with ergonomic handle
  • Light weight at just 2.98 kg with robust design
  • Water-proof for increased reliability [IPX4]

EVS 2430W

  • High definition imaging with smallest 76um pixel
  • Ultimate portability · WPCS Power System (Wireless Charging)
  • Smart information by OLED display
  • Light weight 1.9 kg (w. battery) with modern design
  • Various applications available (GenRad, Mobile, Neonatal/Pediatric, Equine, Vet. Portable, NDT, etc)
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EVS 4343 EVS 3643W EVS 2430W
Detector Type Direct deposition CsI or Gadox Direct deposition CsI or Gadox Direct deposition CsI or Gadox
Dimensions (mm) 460 (H) x 460 (V) x 15 (D) 386 (H) x 460 (V) x 14.5 (D) 267.5 (H) x 327.5 (V) x 15 (D)
Weight (with battery) 4.5 kg 2.98 kg (including Battery 3.3 kg) 1.85 kg
Active Area 430 X 430 ㎜ 358 X 430 ㎜ 233.47 x 291.84 mm
Pixel Pitch 140 ㎛ 140 ㎛ 76 ㎛
Resolution 3072 x 3072 pixels 2560 X 3072 pixels 3072 X 3840 pixels
Grayscale 14 bit 14/16 bit 16 bit
Power DC 12V, 5.0A DC 12V, 5.0A DC 12V, 5.0A
Communication Type Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet/,IEEE 802.11n Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.11n
X-ray I/F Lossless AED / Sync Trigger Lossless AED / Sync Trigger Lossless AED
Image Acquisition Time Wired- 2.0 sec Wired: 4.5 s | Wireless: 6 s Wired: 4.5 s | Wireless: 6 s

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