Serving The Military Industry

Aspen Imaging Healthcare proudly supports our military partners with best-in class products and support. From highly durable portable x-ray systems with long battery life that can be used in the field, to our trusted stationary digital x-ray rooms to serve military hospitals, we are offering a range of products to suit the toughest needs.
Aspen Imaging is registered on SAM (System for Award Management)

Europa with Vieworks Detectors

Equipped with rugged Case, Europa provides a military-grade device with the most portable x-ray system, with an on-board PC to acquire, save and export images, all in a 5.5 lb package.

  • Laptop or tablet (surface) is required; embedded pc on Europa is auxiliary
  • Send images directly from Aspen's Europa to PACS, Email, Printer, etc. using built in WI-FI and Bluetooth capability
  • High frequency, 100 kHz Monoblock x-ray generator integrated into system (Model: Toshiba D 081B with 0.8mm focal spot)

Rugged Case

  • Incredible portability with our Rugged Case that comes standard with every Europa product
  • Hard shell case with custom foam inserts to protect your x-ray system
  • Custom numeric passcode to lock the hard shell case

Aspen FDR

  • 6-way elevating table floor mount x-ray room with 550 lb patient capacity. Table is pillar-styled for wheelchair accessibility
  • Integrated with the same table technology as our AspenOTC, Aspen FDR uses actuators (not motors) for a highly reliable and silent operating experience
  • Movable wired foot switch for enhanced operator comfort (wireless foot switch also available)
  • Tube handle with built-in inclinometer to see the degree of articulation
  • Front display shows angle of articulation: Manual Movement, Vertical/longitudinal traveled controlled by electrical magnetic brake
  • Tube rotation: ±135° | Column rotation: ±90°

Add-Ons for Heavy Duty

Rugged Tablet
  • Drop-tested from 4 feet
  • Temperature-tested from -20F to 145F
  • IP-65 rated for maximum protection against dust, dirt, and water
  • Swappable dual batteries and improved thermal management
  • Detachable keyboard
Panel Protector
  • Three layers of impact protection, tested by an accredited laboratory for strength and durability
  • Available with a grid or carbon fiber panel for weight distribution
  • Long, Short, and Dual handle orientations available for easy one-hand operation
  • All FPD sizes available


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