Serving The Military Industry

Aspen Imaging Healthcare proudly supports our military partners with best-in class products and support. From highly durable portable x-ray systems with long battery life that can be used in the field, to our trusted stationary digital x-ray rooms to serve military hospitals, we are offering a range of products to suit the toughest needs.
Aspen Imaging is registered on SAM (System for Award Management)

Europa with Vieworks Detectors

Equipped with rugged Case, Europa provides a military-grade device with the most portable x-ray system, with an on-board PC to acquire, save and export images, all in a 5.5 lb package.

  • No PC workstation required: just load acquisition SW directly
  • Send images directly from Aspen's Europa to PACS, Email, Printer, etc. using built in WI-FI and Bluetooth capability
  • High frequency, 100 kHz Monoblock x-ray generator integrated into system (Model: Toshiba D 081B with 0.8mm focal spot)

Rugged Case

  • Incredible portability with our Rugged Case that comes standard with every Europa product
  • Hard shell case with custom foam inserts to protect your x-ray system
  • Custom numeric passcode to lock the hard shell case

T4 OTC Ceiling System

For military hospitals, our ceiling system offers the best-in class quality, features and flexibility to serve the most diverse needs that may arise on the field.

T4's safe, fast and quietly-motorized auto-tracking table and wall stand are designed to complete exams more efficiently, while reducing repetitive workflows.

Hospital-Grade Quality

Automatic Stitching Mode for full spine and long bone studies

Auto-tracking to table and wall stand to save time and improve patient throughput

Durable Powder coated finish that can be properly cleaned with medical cleaning products

Each system is Pre-staged at our ISO 13485 medical facility in Plano, TX

Ergonomically Designed

Ergonomic handles and buttons provide smooth handling with minimal effort

7” LCD display that toggles between landscape and portrait mode as you swivel the tube head

Table design is optimized for wheelchair accessibility

Portable foot switch allows the operator to move to the most comfortable position for them

Flexible System

No matter the ceiling height, we can provide a head to toe imaging solution

System can be paired with any flat panel combinations:
o Single Wireless panel
o Dual wireless panels
o Single Wireless and Single Fixed panel

40-80 kW high frequency x-ray generator options

Wide range of system options and configurations are available to meet the needs of your site

Aspen FDR

  • 6-way elevating table floor mount x-ray room with 550 lb patient capacity. Table is pillar-styled for wheelchair accessibility
  • Integrated with the same table technology as our AspenOTC, Aspen FDR uses actuators (not motors) for a highly reliable and silent operating experience
  • Movable wired foot switch for enhanced operator comfort (wireless foot switch also available)
  • Tube handle with built-in inclinometer to see the degree of articulation
  • Front display shows angle of articulation: Manual Movement, Vertical/longitudinal traveled controlled by electrical magnetic brake
  • Tube rotation: ±135° | Column rotation: ±90°

Add-Ons for Heavy Duty

Rugged Tablet
  • Drop-tested from 4 feet
  • Temperature-tested from -20F to 145F
  • IP-65 rated for maximum protection against dust, dirt, and water
  • Swappable dual batteries and improved thermal management
  • Detachable keyboard
Panel Protector
  • Three layers of impact protection, tested by an accredited laboratory for strength and durability
  • Available with a grid or carbon fiber panel for weight distribution
  • Long, Short, and Dual handle orientations available for easy one-hand operation
  • All FPD sizes available


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