Smart & Slim Digital Mammography Solution

Rose M

Introducing DRTECH Rose M

World's First Cassette-type Digital Mammography Solution

RoseM is the world's first slim cassette-type digital mammography upgrade solution (retrofit) that provides exceptional image quality with 76㎛ pixel size (smallest in Csl) and fast image acquisition.
RoseM is designed to allow for an easy upgrade on existing analog mammography devices through its broad and tested compatibility that perfectly works with all mammography units in operation worldwide.
Low Cost Solution
  • Cost-saving solution with quality results and high ROI
High Image Quality
  • RoseM produces high resolution image with 76 ㎛ pixel size
Easy Upgrade
  • RoseM's excellent compatibility allows for easy upgrade from analog to digital
Meet Rose M

Key Features

Crisp Images
Generated by advanced image sharpening technology
Light & Slim Design
Thin and light design allows for easy handling and upgrade process
< 10 Seconds Image Acquisition Time
Preview image is acquired in 2 seconds, and the full image in less than 10 seconds
Microscopic Pixels
76 ㎛ pixel size allows for superior image & higher detection rate
Image sharpening technology that increases image sharpness by 30%
AEC Compatibility
RoseM has been tested to be compatible with mammography units in operation worldwide
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Proprietary Features

Fast Image Display

At the fraction of competitor's price, RoseM will render a preview image in just 2 seconds, and acquire a full image in less than 10 second. This fast image acquisition will allow for more effective and efficient operation, leading to increased productivity and patient throughput.

Exceptional AEC Compatibility

RoseM has been tested to be compatible with all mammography units in operation worldwide. Most importantly, the performance of your existing mammography system will not be degraded in any way by the addition of RoseM.

Truview™ART: Microcalcification detection is further increased with DRTECH’s image processing algorithm Truview™ART, resulting in the increase of image sharpness by 30%.
76㎛ Pixel Size

RoseM ensures clear visualization of microcalcifications which leads to higher detection rate thanks to its 76㎛ pixel size. RoseM holds the title for having the smallest pixel size amongst CsI (Indirect) based mammography detectors currently available.

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RoseM 1824C RoseM 2430C
Dimensions (mm) 194.5 x 267.5 x 14.2 mm 253.7 x 327.5 x 14.2 mm
Weight 0.92 kg (Detector Only) 1.2 kg (Detector Only)
Conversion Layer Direct deposition CsI or Gadox Direct deposition CsI or Gadox
Pixel Pitch 76 ㎛ 76 ㎛
Resolution 2,304 x 3,072 3,072 x 3,840
MTF 65 @ 3 Ip/mm 65 @ 3 Ip/mm
Preview Time 2 seconds 2 seconds
Cycle Time 10 – 13 seconds 10 – 13 seconds
Communication Type Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet
AEC Sensing System Compatible AEC System Compatible AEC
Chest Wall Distance ≤ 2.0 mm ≤ 2.0 mm

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